Concept – Interior Architecture

The concept is targeted towards interior architecture design students that have the assignment to create a design for the interior of a new restaurant. 7scenes is used to send students out to inspiring locations that can be researched and serve as input for the design. The locations cover different aspects of the restaurant business; from the actual dynamic in a restaurant, to interesting window views for the right atmosphere, to the logistics outside the restaurant relating to for instance the slaughterhouse or fish market. Students are asked to document their experience using photos and video at all these different locations.


  • Ying Sau Yan
  • Yeung Chung Hing
  • Joseph Luk


Video (English)

Video (Chinese)


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PICNIC Labs are part of the wildly buzzing PICNIC Festival. They bring together international thinkers and makers in an intense co-creating process, advancing the field by combining very diverse expertise & experiences in a playful setting.

From the very start Waag Society has organised Labs at Picnic on future city scenarios in which people design new interactive mobile concepts in a hands-on way.

Ronald Lenz, head of Waag Society's Locative Media department and creative director at 7scenes, has produced these Labs with the help of many colleagues and partners.


For more information, contact me via mail (ronald [at] waag [dot] org), @rlenz (Twitter) or at LinkedIn


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